Chris Brown Facing Robbery Charge For Allegedly Snatching Fan's iPhone Outside South Beach Club →






He really can NOT stay out of trouble lol. It’s kind of crazy to me.  Snatching a fan’s iPhone and calling her a bitch because she took a picture of JUST you… sitting in your car.  Unnecessary if you ask me.  But you know… teambreezy all day I guess *end sarcasm*

Chris brown is a certified punk and the sky is blue

I wish he would just slide off the face of the Earth, really I do. 

 fam…..I just cannot.




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    Now, you know a Black woman ain’t hardly worth as much as a piece of plastic.
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    *scratches head* you won a grammy, Rihanna seems to be moving on and allowing you to be on her next single and *sigh*...
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    Soooooooooo…he’s in danger of going to jail for ganking a worthless ass iPhone, but not for beating Rhianna? What can I...
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    His anger issues will be his downfall. That’s unfortunate.
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    The boy obviously has some issues towards women. Why he continues to get support from African american/ black women? I...
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    That nigga need to have several seats
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    Lol he makes the worst decisions. I think it’s about time he actually gets some sort of punishment.
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    fam…..I just cannot.
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    Why does this guy still fan support????? Gaaaaah!
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    Once a scumbag, always a scumbag!
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    He’ll probably put a tweet about how he still won a grammy
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    Chris Brown is being a dick? Oh, must be a day that ends in ‘y’.